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Winter's goodbye

March 3, 2015

Hello everyone! I haven't been so updated right now but I'm so happy because right now I am working with a photographer, he's really amazing and I'm in love with his work. I have a lot of ideas right now  for the blog but I am having so much work at school, I promise I will be working on the blog this week. 

Well talking about this outfit, here in Mexico winter is almost done, but in so many countries it is still there for a couple of weeks, that's why I chose this outfit for saying goodbye to winter season. 

Here i am taking advantage of using a hat before spring arrives, I recommend you to use one before this happens, by the way I liked this outfit because it is so simple, anyone can do it, with just a couple of ripped jeans that are "IN" right now, white blouse I used one with buttons because it gives that elegant touch. I could have used a black coat or blazer, but I prefered using this gray long sweater because it gives a contrast. 


Wearing: American Eagle jeans // Zara boots // Express blouse // Ray Ban Sunglasses // HM hat // Zara sweater.


xoxo.. Soph <3


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