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The Blue touch

February 21, 2015

Hello everyone I hope you had a great week. This week was great for me I had my first class of fashion design. It was amazing but well.. talking about this outfit, I loooooved the simplicity, it is so easy to get this outfit similiar. Just a pair of white jeans, a printed t-shirt, black blazer and  as ALWAYS there has to be a touch that changes my outfit from simple to something different and in this case this were the blue shoes, they really gave my look a vibrant touch for not falling into pale or dark colors.  My handbag is kinda dark blue, I din't choose the same blue as in my shoes because I think it will be too much. 

Remember that you can always have a great outfit and style with not that much I got this blue heels at Zara for just $20 dollars // $300 pesos 


Thanks for reading, remember I will open my new sections next week!


xoxo Soph


Wearing: Zara pumps // HM hat // Forever 21 t-shirt // BBN white jeans // RayBan sunglasses  // Vanity handbag!

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