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My Hair is Organix. No frizz!

January 16, 2015

Some people have been asking me how do I take care of my hair and what do I make for not fighting with frizz. A couple of weeks ago it was so damaged but after I start using "Organix" products in less than 5 days my hair was nourished and restructured, this brand has a lot of specific products for each case of your hair, mine for example needed hydratation so I'm using "repairing, awapuhi ginger" shampoo and conditioner but after my shower I spray a little bit of "coconut milk" for having better results. In this pictures I didn't used anything else like a hairstyler or something like that I just had a shower and did my activities for a couple of hours after, I took this pictures and this are my results without frizz!


Products: "Organix" (awapuhi ginger) shampoo and conditioner // (coconut milk) blend of spray.

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